Hard limit ;) part 2

I’ve always lived 90% of my life in my head. My imagination taking me places my body won’t.
After the night that I discovered my hard limit of fisting was more enjoyable than I could ever describe, I now want more.

I want to watch sir teach a girl how to do that to me. I want to watch him guide her with such care, knowing how much I need this experience, to lock eyes with him as she enters me and I fall fast into my slave mind space, knowing he is there and I will be safe.

I want to be tied standing up arms and legs spread wide, watching sir push his cock into her as she turns her her hand and makes me scream. I want to see sir so happy that he is enjoying this girl with me and that no matter the request I will always obey him. I can picture sir just about to cum telling me that I can join him. Then exploding, both of us squirting all over the faceless girl. Having sir take me on to his lap telling me that I was such a good girl as I cry and shake.

I have an undeniable need to fill all of my holes. Ball gag, hands bound behind me, clover clamps on my nipples. The faceless girl now knowing how to please me with her fist not needing to be guided. Sir behind me having me bent over the slave station, girl on her knees below me. Cuffs attached both ankles and wrists to the slave station, no way to move. Holes open wide. Fist already in my cunt hole, every 10 seconds one lick of my clit, I’m dripping wet. All pain and pleasure. Sir entering my slave hole, me screaming from that good pain. Him completing my fantasy of being completely used. Fucking me hard, telling me to edge not cum. Keeping me there for what seems like forever, him enjoying my tears. Faceless girl staying on her knees. Sir knowing I’m coming undone, whispering in my ear to cum. And I do hard screaming crying collapsing, unconscious. Waking up to sir petting my head wrapped around my body, sweet kisses to my cheek, him being so proud of the cum slut I’ve become, faceless girl fast sleep pushed up to the front of me.

It is becoming increasingly important to me to have sir complete my list of firsts, and it’s not out of kink reasons. I want to share everything with him, let him experience every emotion with me. I am his.

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