Yoga experiment -part 1

Every Wednesday is my advance vinyasa class. Prior to sir, it was the pain I gave myself. They only night of the week I slept. I never orgasmed in this class, occasionally I would get wet.

I know edging on this pain would be easy, I can close my eyes and reach an edge in seconds. My body, mind and soul are that well trained a mere 3weeks and 2days later.

So yesterday evening sir said lets do a scientific experiment. I’ve been a good girl so as a reward I could cum at yoga. After I had to compare that orgasm to the ones on the phone and the ones in person.

It was horrible. Since our first night speaking I’ve had no orgasms with out him. Even though I had his permission, it wasn’t right. I felt guilty, empty, I can cum on command, I’m always ready. I can go from discussing a shopping list to a slave on the floor ready and dripping at a moments notice. But I didn’t know that readiness was only for sir. I need him to be with me. Even if it’s on the phone, I need him to hear me, direct me, my body only responding to his needs, not my own.

Below is my message to him on the bus home:


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