Yoga experiment -part 3

So when I got home I did as instructed like a good girl.
We never did get to the rope and the chain bit……;)

I run home sometimes like a child, just to be able to strip down and put my collar and cuffs on, to call sir and hear his voice. Doesn’t matter what we speak about, it just puts me in the happiest mindset. I become so comfortable, unstressed and……me.

I do as sir says, I take the plug, bend over the slave station, lots of lube, put it in fast and hard, screaming with delight(I love that pain). The whole time picturing it being sirs cock going into my slave hole. I whimpered a little, loving the feeling and riding the pain. He tells me to fuck myself hard and I do, he tells me to stop, right at the edge of orgasm, I do, them I do it again, this time he lets me cum as many times as I want for a certain time. I fall on the floor. Sir knows this and told me to bring my comfy blanket with me to keep me warm. He needs to make a 10 minute call, tells me to keggle the plug as much as I can, no cuming. I do it the entire time. By the time I hear him again I’m in full slave state. He says to get up and walk, I do.
Then it’s time for the ice
I take out a cube suck it like it was his cock, rub it on my nipples, all edges gone, he says put it in fast, hard, all the way into my cunt hole. I do and squeal like a little girl with delight. I love that fucking feeling. Then he say take another one. Rub the edges off with my clit, I do, I want to cum but don’t ( more on that in a bit). Then he says put that one in. Everything gets really fuzzy at this point. I know I had the ice still in me, I bent over the slave station and pulled the plug out hard.
Then he said to crawl to his chair. I did leaving a trail of my wetness as I went. I curled up right next to it, ass in the air, Childs pose. Imagined him petting my hair. He told me to put fingers in my cunt hole the ice exploding out. For a few minutes after every little aftershock pushed more of the ice out. I wish I could describe that feeling. My body holds it in as long as it can, not letting it all out at once. Sir and I had a conversation about yoga and him coming to visit soon. But I don’t remember much except him telling me that I will fuck and suck any man or woman he says, I am owned I am his. I love when he tells me that. He asked what am I and I said “I’m your slave sir”.
After about 10 minutes I was able to get up, eat a tiny bit and get ready for bed.
Sir tucked me in as always and I feel into a long deep sleep. Dreaming of sir and girl friday….another post for another time.
Side note about my clit-before sir I came 2x a day, they only way I came was by using my clit. It’s been over 3weeks and I haven’t cum not once touching my clit, weird but worth mentioning.


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