The search for girl Friday or a possible couple has started. With sirs help And encouragement I have a new profile on a new site. I’m so excited. My type a personality taking over and by yesterday afternoon I had different couple set to call every hour until midnight. Like most sites some of the profiles are made up, but two called.
One was sweet and we were both nervous. We decided to message and talk this week, if we click, set up a place to meet. The other one called but I had already fallen asleep.

More than anything I just want a girl for play and company. Someone that understands me. Someone that only knows the me I am now, not the unhappy person I was.

As I previously said I will suck and fuck any man or woman sir say to, so if it’s a couple that’s fine with me. Plus I like the thought of so many hands on me. I picture me on top of the faceless man riding his cock with sir fucking my slave whole all while the girl waits and watches. sir and the man watching as we take turns licking each other, I’ve also been visualizing us fucking our cunts with a double sided dildo, but more than that I picture us bound together, blindfolded, being used hard, every hole. Crying. Cuming. Pain and pleasure.

My mind keeps straying all day. I miss the feel of another woman’s breasts pressed against mine. The feeling of a woman’s tongue on my clit and cunt. I’ve been dripping since yesterday morning.

My one concern is that this site although bdsm friendly is not a bdsm site. I’m concerned about how to handle myself if we end up meeting a vanilla couple, I only come with permission and that may freak some people out. This is all just my brain crap coming up but I thought if I wrote it out it would make some sense, I guessed wrong.

This only makes me even more sure that I will never go back to a plain old vanilla existence.

My slave side is so happy and giddy.
Thank you sir- biggest hug and sweetest kisses!!!

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