I’m learning

… What I want
…what I need
…who I want in my life

These things are hard for me. I just spoke with a really nice woman, she feels much like me, except she’s not lucky enough to have sir. My heart goes out to her.

I’m better now, speaking with her made me appreciate how good and full my life is. I know I’m extra hard on myself, but I make mistakes. I don’t mean too, but I’m human.

So tonight I’m going to try to give myself a break, hopefully talk with sir(as I’m sober again) and….. Make things better, not with us(I know they are ok) but with me.

I’m his and I want to be perfect for him.

On a lighter note I just heard from my best friend. I hit on her all day, it’s what I do when I drink. She said she loves it and wishes either she like girls or I had a cock…that made me laugh!!!

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