Happy slave

Such a bad day turned into such a good night thanks to sir. I messaged with a girl I really like L. She is very like me. I could really see becoming great friends with her.

I had a call with another woman C. She told me all about her SLS experiences and some of the clubs her and her husband go to. She cute and extremely outgoing. We both got so wrapped up in our conversations that we burned the food we were cooking!! Too bad she’s extremely vanilla, but seems like she’d be fun to dance with.

Lastly I found what seems to be a decent D/s couple. Within an hour there were emails phone numbers, voice calls and picture. This make me very nervous and excited.

The best part sir was so pleased I got pain as my reward. Clamps nipples and clit, kneeling next to his chair. Talking to him. I told him what My brain would recall about my conversation with R. We spoke about my outfit to come and meet him. He commanded me to pull all 3 chains off with no orgasm. I did, I was so nervous, I come hard from just the pain. Sir is training me so well.

What I enjoyed most about our conversation is that of all of these people he wants me to meet with L the most. He likes the idea that she is so much like me. I know he hears in my voice how much I enjoy speaking with her.

I know my orgasms are not mine. I also know that sir likes when I’m happy and right now I truly am..

I’m also tired! Oh and dripping wet!

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