Such a bad morning

Last nights sleep was horrible and the site I woke up to this morning was horrifying!!

It took all morning to clean up.
One of my animals almost died. Long story I never want to relive.

Thankfully sir knows me. He knows how to make me feel better.

Slave on her knees, suction dildo on the wall, pretending it’s sirs cock. Pictures to sir. Plug in my slave hole, dildo on the wall, fucking my holes hard, full, all feelings no thinking.

The whip, I hear it, soon I’ll feel it again. I cum every-time I heard a good crack, begging sir, please whip me.

Closing my eyes seeing the welts.

Big heavy chain through my slit holding them both in, walking, pants and jacket on standing out side, feels so cold and so full.

Over the slave station fucking myself hard, one in the other out over and over. Wanting to cum for sir. Such a good full orgasm.

One more week.

Then I get to crawl up on sirs lap, used, shaking, thanking sir, begging sir for more. Getting that all important “good girl” sir knowing I will do anything for him, I am his.

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