Love Story

A beautiful story.


I have found myself with some time on my hands, so I have decided to use it wisely.

To tell a story.

Way, way back in the day (I refuse to tell you how long ago) I published my smut on an erotic stories website. I was basically cutting my teeth on the whole writing to share with people business and I found this website easy to use and nicely populated.

So, I posted there for awhile. A few one-offs. A serial or two (that I should really pick-up again now that my skills have improved slightly). Your standard smut. Non D/s smut. Anyway, the site had an internal messaging system. Members and authors could leave comments on the stories both publicly and privately. I received a few now and then, mostly public comments from site members. A few private ones from other authors. It was a pretty respectful community. So…

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