A bit of a detour from my normal blogging, but a necessary topic for my brain today.

My previous blog had much more music, less visuals. Something I noticed this morning.

I am that girl with the music blasting in her ears. My mind works so constant and fast that to function on one task I have to quiet it.

Growing up there was music, every hour of the day. I wake up with songs in my head. There is a soundtrack to my dreams. Every mood made more by the addition of the right song. I will listen to most every genre of music.

Having said that I’ve become obsessed with Ingrid Michaelson. It started one morning on the way to work in the city. Pandora on mixing a bunch of stations in a rather blah dead inside mood. The song below came on. I thought wow, bet she’s been standing right here, on this boat, dreaming of a different life. As I did everyday.

At work I looked her up and sure enough we come from the same crappy little island. Then I started listening more. Building an image in my head of her. Since everyone that lives here is only one degree of separation one of my family members knows her parents and I almost want to ask for an introduction to see if I’m right.

The song of renewed hope and taking control of my life again was featured in a prior post. It described my exact feelings in that moment.

And not too secretly I think we may just be wired the same way.

Lol and look sir, she happens to be a cute red head now!

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