Holiday surprises

I’ve been thinking all morning how to write this. I can’t outline it in my head. Too many spacey moments. But I’m going to try, I don’t think I will be able to capture all of my feelings in words, but here is goes-

Yesterday-part 2

Random thought-does miss manners have a chapter on the day after etiquette? Should I send a fruit basket or something?

Back story-I have so many fantasies, always have. Until sir I’ve made none of them a reality. X-m only cared about his fantasies and before that I just didn’t have the nerve. That’s not to say I wasn’t wild when I was young, I was, fetish parties, 3 somes, other girls, even a foursome, maybe 2. It’s weird, they were never planned, just sort of happened. Never my fantasy but more someone else’s I stumbled into.
So I was online looking at profiles and came across one for a dominate couple (male and female) it seemed genuine, real. I told sir and sent them a message. We spoke briefly and I gave them his number. I knew they had been in contact and that excited and frightened me(just a little good fear).
After that I told sir that I never thought of the possibilities before of being the only submissive/slave with that many stronger personalities. The idea of having 3 people whip me was playing over and over.
So yesterday as we were walking to his friends place I asked “should I take my collar off” when he said no, I knew that he had a surprise for me.
At the apartment door he went in his bag and took out a blindfold. I was nervous and wet. He said to trust him and I do. He lead me in, I obeyed. My clothes taken off, all except the sincher and boots. I was told to bend over, spread my legs, I could feel other people in the room, moving about. Someone came behind me, sir was there, telling me I was there, much of the time holding my hand. Just from the way my cunt hole was entered I knew it was a woman. She fucked me and I think I was allowed to cum. I’d like to document every orgasm but at approx 50-60, that’s not possible.
There was so much sensual touching, playing with my neck fingers arms, pulling my hair, I was a good slave, I obeyed. There was pain, such good pain, flogging, vampire gloves, 9tails. At one point I was on a stool, kneeling, ass up, bent over, holding sir, blow after blow, he said cum, every good strike, cum, I did. I could close my eyes and cum again just thinking about that. Him holding me, someone else giving the pain so that I could let him feel my reaction.
At one point I totally left, my mind was so gone, I thought I was going to pass out. This morning I remembered sir holding me in one of these states, I think he was checking my pulse. There were stops for water, care and cuddles. Truly sane play, a scene planned out by them, for me, for sirs enjoyment. I enjoyed every moment.
Lady tied me up, the rope around my arms back and tits amazing, feeling it flow through my fingers when removed beyond sensual.
Lady’s partner is called master, I still cringe when I see, hear and type that word. It’s no disrespect but I still react to that title. He was personably, respectful and nothing like x/m.
There was wax and ice, wax pealed off with a butter knife. My whole body was nothing but feeling, no thoughts, no lists, no insecurities, no brain puzzles, just touch, hard soft at one point so many hands, it felt so good.
I begged, pleaded, screamed to let sir allow me to cum.
At one point something was done with my clit, holding sir, I begged to cum, he said no, tea, that’s all I thought, tea, Lipton, earl grey etc. I fought it off, the only brain distraction I could think was tea. Sir asked me once to read him my tea selection to calm him down. That’s where my slave mind went. When he did allow my orgasm it was strong bone shaking, more than worth my tea selection. He still won’t tell me what that was, I had the blindfold on the whole time.
Then there was the yoga pose. The picture is amazing, sadly I can’t post it for privacy reasons.Legs spread, flogged hard, by this point they were more comfortable with my need for pain, seeing that I am sirs pain/cum slut. Hands held over head, clothes pins on my nipples, coming so hard. Sir and m pulling clothes pins up down around and then sir said cum when they pull them off, I did hard. Not sure but at one point sir had to cover my mouth I was screaming from good pain and pleasure.
There was so much. I really don’t know it all.
I pleased lady, kisses to her boots, soft wet kisses to her inner thighs, she said how wet I made her, asked if I wanted a taste, yes, she touched her cunt and gave me her finger, it had been so long, I’d forgotten what another woman tasted like, she allowed me to lick, so long since I did that. Then she had me cuddle into her, wrapping me in a blanket, then sir took me, so warm, so familiar, strong. I’m sure I left out some things, so I may go back to update this later.
I wish I could explain how sir being there made me…….allowed me…. I don’t know the words, but I woke up today with no guilt about enjoying this experience. Old me would have. Old me would have shut down, hated herself, starved herself, giving herself bad pain, overthinking ever action, instead of writing it, getting pleasure, wet, dripping.
Sir said its another first that will bring us closer, allow us to mesh even further and it is. It’s nothing you could imagine until you do it. I know sir enjoyed my pain, my orgasms for him. I know by the way he cared for me, kept control, set my limits for me. I really have no limits once I get to a certain point and with the wrong people I get hurt badly.
I know he likes the slut I’ve become, he’s told me it’s ok to be a good slut and I am, his good slut.
Sir stood me up at the end. Took off the blindfold, held on to me as I was not to steady on my feet. Asked me if I needed anything, I said wine please sir. We all chatted, I saw all the toys that were used, putting some to the sensations I felt, not recalling others. We went out, had a small bite to eat, it was so nice to be part of an open bdsm discussion. Aside from sir I have no one to talk to that really understands with out some judgement (even if they don’t mean it).
At one point walking I got a severe sharp pain. I forgot about those, I would get them when I was young, it feels like my uterus contracting. It passes and is only bad because it is unexpected. A friend once told me it’s because I cum too hard. I tense and spasm too much and when the afterglow passes it’s my body unclenching , it’s when I officially stop orgasming. The end of a long roll that I’m used to functioning through. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m good, mentally and physically, well except I went to get up before and I feel like I spent 10 hours at the gym. My work husband looked at me and said what yoga?? I giggled and said yes, and that’s not a total lie!!
Thank you sir, my trust in you is complete, I know I am yours and you keep me safe and you gave me a wonderful gift yesterday.

Music- the music playing was very similar to what I was playing the night sir and I met.
The one thing I remembered was at one point humming mazzy star, I don’t know what song or if it was audible or in my head.

I left there happy, I woke up happy because I was in sirs arms.

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