lol, going to work today and my coat smells of sex and bagels! How very ny.

There are too many thoughts in my head so I may skip around.

This morning I didn’t want to get up. I was all warm and cuddled up to sir. He made such happy noises(little moans) all night(3hours). I decided instead of sleeping I would do yoga Nedra. It’s akin to a self induced slave state. A deep meditation where your mind is on the cusp of awareness but your body is totally at peace. I’ve tried this before but it never worked. This is because I needed the security of sir with me, he …… Allows me and encourages me to reach my potential and then push beyond it. So after a physically active 19 hour day I’m sitting at my desk aware, alert and feeling amazing, with 3cups of coffee, just in case!

Yesterday: semi-non kink run down
Sir got stuck in traffic coming in, I met him as directed, collar old nipple clamps boats, pencil skirt, button up sweater, waist cincher.
Another first biggest hug, pull on the clamps, kiss and cum when he pulled then off all the middle of a large commuting crowd. I excused my self to the bathroom, small squirt of excitement.
We walked to meet his friends that were staying in the city, stopping to get a bottle of wine on the way.
We met his friends(separate post).
After we hand in hand walk up to Rockefeller center, took pictures of the windows on 5ave. Warm caring, playing tourists in a city we know and love.
Then we went to saint Patrick’s, I was kinda worried the building would collapse on my head as I entered, but it didn’t. I’m always in awe of the ceiling, even with all of the scaffolding it’s beautiful, massive but warm. Sir unlike me is not a lapsed catholic, he prayed, lite a candle, we signed the guest book. I love that juxtaposition. He is truly a good man.
Then we went to the tree. I feel bad that we didn’t go the main way to get the head on view, but sneaked up the side(I had enough of the crowds by then). It was by far the nicest Christmas trip.
We went back picked up the luggage, said thank you and goodnight and headed home.
Sir had gifts for me and I for him. We exchanged. He is so thoughtful, things that were me, necessary extravagances(i will soon be typing on an actual keyboard again). I gave him a roll of yarn! He thought it was a scarf we discussed I could make, but I wanted to be sure it was exactly right, so then I showed him the garbage bag size of different yarns I brought, just in case. It’s already started as he choose the one I thought he would. Also a extremely well glued together food basket. Just little things that made me think of him. I wish I could have done more, but I’ll show him how much I care by my actions. He means the world to me.
After I made him tea and crackers, cheese, soup, hot bread, either before or after(my time lines always blur) he told me what a good girl I was and bent me over the slave station, took off his belt, my ass in the air, he gave me the pain I so desperately need. The past week there was no plug training as he wanted me tight, he missed that pain scream then moan as he entered my slave hole. He tied the belt around my neck and told me to get his cock out. On my knees, lick, suck, but I had spent so much time on my knees earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to stay long. He lifted me up, told me bend over and wait.He said no for play just entered hard, tits on the cold wood, it hurt, it was a good full hurt, I screamed and cried, real tears, finally being able to loose that last bit of control to him. It was very hard, the hardest yet to not cum. He said cum when I do, and I’m a good girl so I did, I came long and hard, my cunt juices dripping down my leg, stayed their for a few minutes, then remembering food(so I guess it was before or during prep) continued to serve him. The combination of serving him food, slave hole, conversation, feelings, thoughts, everything I am, dream and desire is what I give to sir and in return he cares, protects and really considers me. He is like no other.
I am lucky to be his.
I am his slave.
We say together again at the table. Such warm conversation and candlelight, music. I didn’t want to go to bed, but at 2 am I know I have to.

A short back rub. I love to strattle his leg edging the whole time I rub, just the sounds of his pleasure allowing my body to respond.
We cuddled up in bed, warm, cozy, sweet kisses, hugs, I love to press my whole body into him. To breathe him in.
Woke him this morning just to share a moment before I left for work, brought him juice, got back in bed for a precious last 5 minutes for cuddles. I am now closer to sir than I ever thought possible. Ever new experience shared with him bonds us further. It ripped at my soul to leave him this morning, but I know when I get home he will be there. As soon as I walk in the door, coat off, collar on, stockings off, bent over the table holding myself open wide, my first of many services I will offer to him tonight.
Time to go and wake him.
More on yesterday later…….

Oh this was playing on the bus to work. I love this song, it made me cry, happy tears.

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