Happy New Year

So…..as usual the nerves were all in my head.

Sir you were right!

We all met at a restaurant, so nice and normal. there were 4 couples (including us) and it was the first time I was ever around other submissives.  The oddest thing was one couple both the male and female (married for many years) were both subs.  I thought that was the most interesting dynamic.

Couple one- D/D M and Lady

Couple two- s/s D and T (they are s to couple one)

Couple three- D/s MK and K

After food and drink we went to a very unassuming house in the suburbs. it smelled like my grandmothers linen closet. That was weirdly comforting. I was still very nervous when everyone started to get changed.  Sir asked the woman (K Sub-house owner) to go and talk with me.  It was a good chat and I came out of the room still a bit edgy.

When I came down stairs D (another female sub) and M(from Sunday her dominate) were playing on the couch, he told D to go give everyone hugs. When she got to me Sir attached us nipple to nipple with the clover clamps, I was no longer nervous.  She was so soft, It’s hard to explain just how different touching a woman is, it’s not better than a man, but different. She had never had the clovers on. We were told to finger each other. She was dripping wet at that point. We were pulling back on the clamps and I could have cum just from that feeling alone.  All this time Sir was with me, touching me letting me know it was ok to want this experience.  When we were allowed to cum sir kissed me over her shoulder.  It was no one thing that made me cum, it was everything, the clamps, her fingers in my slit, the people watching and sir, mostly sir.

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