Sir like my letter, I made his cock hard so I was rewarded.

He was not alone but he said I could put the 2 luna balls in and do my chores.  It was very hard to keep them in the bottom one was heavy and wanted to come out. It made my cunt very tight.

He told me to get the dildo and plug ready. When he called he said to bend over, luna balls still in, put plug in hard and fast and walk. I wanted to cum my knees shaking, I was so wet. he said put the suction cup to the wall and gag my slave hole mouth with it, to fill all 3 of my holes. then he said to turn around. I cried and told him Sir i have no holes there, they are all full.  He laughed. I love when he laughs. So he said take the lunas out and put my ass cheeks against the wall so the whole 8 inches is in.  Fuck it hard, Picture finding a nice couple and having her with a strap on in my cunt and him with his cock in my slave hole mouth and sir fucking my slave hole hard, that I could have the DP I have been dreaming of. All of my holes full and cuming. my reward for being his good cum slut. He said cum picturing that. I lost count at some point, I was so upset I was screaming and the numbers stopped coming out of my mouth.  He said it was ok, but it might have been a new record.

He said come off the wall, but the dildo got stuck because my cunt muscles were to tight. it stayed in and he said I could cum again my fucking my slave hole with the plug.  I do not think I lost count but he has not told me the number yet. I fell on the floor in child’s pose. sir telling me what a good girl I am. I asked him “if I may ask may I make my clit cum?” He said yes with the binder clip.  I needed the pain. I was too wet and too spacey. I out it on and almost came. He stopped me and I floated, my brain all gone, just his voice,. Take it off and cum. I did and i laid in the puddle of my own cum happy and quite. Feeling like his very owned and used hard slave.

It took some time but I got up for water.

When I just went back into the bedroom it looked like a toy store exploded! lol, there was lube everywhere, a dildo in one corner, but blug in another binder clip in the middle, clamps, chains, rope etc all over as I must have been searching for that binder clip in the drawer and just tossed everything to find it quickly!

So time to clean it up again…..

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