TGIF – Part 2

She’s gone……

I text sir, he writes back to:

Be a god slave, strip, put on slave leather, see how many times I can edge with suction cup dildo and clover clamps, he will call in 10 minutes.  I edge just reading it.  My body edges 10 times before the clamps even touch my nipples. I’m sitting here soaked just typing about it.

More edges with the clamps, 20 before I even let the dildo touch my cunt.  I am kneeling beside his chair, picturing him watching me, hearing his moans of happiness due to my obeying him. I then start. using my strong leg muscles up and down, as soon as I edge pull on the clamps, edge again rub my clit on the head of the didlo then right back into my cunt….reapeat over and over. At some point I am edging from all three spots, I look and I had put the clamp chain in my mouth pulling in a back bend hard, fingers on my clit up and down on the didlo. Counting, edging…..wanting to let go, but never going past the edge… seems like forever, then the phone rings.  I stop, collapse on the floor ass up.  Sir asks how many? I tell him. He says how proud he is and to crawl into the bedroom to get the plug ready. I am leaving a trail of my cunt juices behind me.

Get the plug ready and go to the chest at the bottom of my bed, dildo still in me, clamps still on, I’m still edging. Sit on it firmly, no hands just lower quickly, such good pain I scream. There was walking maybe before, maybe after. Then sir says I can cum as much as I want when he says start, but must stop when he says.  He had stopped me many times right before this.  See I know that I must stop, I never want to displease him.  Ass in the air, one hand on the plug, one on the base of the dildo, he says to fuck both holes hard….and I can start,but I must count out loud. I cum over and over, my world disappears, I only hear Sir and my own screams of release.  He says stop.  I do.

I float, all of the week disappears. Sir says to crawl into bed.  I am under the covers.  His voice gentle and soothing. I picture him reading and me pressed against him, soaked in my cunt juices, having the look of pure joy at being used hard. not an ounce of tension left in my body.  He says at some point that he knows I needed the whip tonight and yes I did.  It would have be an instant release as my need for pain is increasing every day.  Soft words lull me to sleep I hang up the phone happy in a blissful slave state.  Dreaming of a girl licking my clit, standing spread, cuffs attached to the ceiling in the bedroom as my Sir whips me and lets me cum with every strike.

10 minute edge count is 92, offical edge count for the night, unknown but well over 100

and Sir knowing that I never remember emailed me my orgasm count, 21 in 65 seconds, with the words “good girl”

Those are the best words ever….(smiles).

Well its time to mop the floors and clean the toys. Off to play in the snow and get some chores done.

It’s going to be a good Saturday!

3 thoughts on “TGIF – Part 2”

  1. Sharing many of those sensations with you as I begin my slave training. I would like to blog about yesterday, but I was and still am so lost that the details I remember are few. Being used hard, chanting His mantra, orgasmically pushed beyond my physical limits to slave space for the very first time. Feeling so loved is blissful!

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    1. It is hard to remeber for me as well. It takes practice like for instance i can never say how often i am cuming, so sir says count out loud and ill email you later!! Slave space is my favorite place to be only second to being in sirs arms. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I am still training and would love to hear yoyr experiences.

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