Wet-a letter to Sir

I really want to cum Sir.

You are sitting in your chair at the table with a glass of wine.  I love to give you surprises, as you have traveled so far to see me. I say that I have a gift for you and go into the bedroom, I have only a long black shear gown on with my collar, cuffs and heels. I bring out a beautiful slim petite red head, naked, play collar cuffs and blind fold on, her hands are secured behind her back. she is visibly wet as I have had her waiting and kneeling for almost an hour for you.

I tell her to be a good girl and to kneel besides you as we kiss a proper hello. All of the toys spread out on the table for you to choose from. You grab my nipples firmly removing the gown and say that I have done a very good job, twist them and say, no, no cuming yet as I scream in good pain.  That is just a small taste of what I will receive.  You pick up the d ring and clasp my hands behind my back, place me on the opposite side from her and lift her up to standing.  You tell us to kiss bending across you. as we are the clover clamps go on. I moan and she softly screams.  we keep kissing as the cunt juice rolls down my legs. You see she is reacting well to pain and pull on the chains so that i moan louder and she gasps. You move the chair back, getting up and telling me to hold her, pressing our tits close.  You go in your bag and as I was hoping get the whip.  you remove the clovers from her and put them both on me, tell me to bend over and her to kneel again. She is moved to between my legs as I am spread wide leaning on the chair. You whisper to her……and then I hear the crack, then I feel a lick of my clit, still no permission to cum. You say every strike I can cum. the first strike I scream and her licks turn from one to many all at once. I explode in a rolling O, falling to the floor after only a few strikes. You pick  up and hold me telling me that you are so very proud of me.  I am on your lap and she waits.  I tell her to kneel under the table and look at you for permission, you nod. I tell her in my slave voice to take your cock out and to lick and suck it.  I say do it well and I will make sure she cums. i feed on your good moans. I kiss you and you cum in her mouth, then i pull her up by the collar and kiss her to get a taste of your cum. We move to the slave station. You know I long to see her used hard and her spread wide.  I tell her to put her titts down and ass up, I spread her cheeks for you as you push in hard and fast. I lover to hear her scream as I do and whimper in good pain. You do not cum but pull out of her and tell me you wish to see me make her cum instead. I take the dildo and force it hard and quick into her cunt hole, grabbing her hair telling her to cum only when Sir says she can. I move it in and out, getting wetter with each stroke… she shakes begs, pleads, offers to do anything to please us. You count down and at one she cums. A good, strong O, falls to the floor and I join her, wrapped in each others arms.  You say we are both such good girls and you are so happy but we are not used hard enough yet.

You know I like to have all of my holes full.  It completes me.

We go into the bedroom. A new strap-on is on the bed waiting.  I remove her d ring to free her arms and take off her blind fold.  Tell her to put it on and I get on top of her.  You watch me ride her and let me cum just enjoying looking at you slave in such a good happy state, obeying you.  Then you tell me to kiss her again, making my ass go up and open for you, I give you that good pain scream and now it’s my turn to beg, please sir let me cum for you. I ride her and you ride me harder. You grab my tits and twist and tell me to cum for you.  I cum and don’t stop until you cum.  You tell me I owe the girl a thank you. that you want me in my spot. I kneel besides the bed and you tell her to stand in front of me with her legs spread. You hand me the rabbit and tell me to lick her clit while fucking her with the rabbit.  As a reward she can cum as many times as she likes in 5 minutes. We are all spent, I am floating in slavespace with the taste of both cums in my mouth. You place me on the bed first, then her into my arms. you come up behind me and pet my hair.  I am your good girl.  I obey.

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