January 25

Happy anniversary Sir,

With each passing day I am more yours, both body and soul. My cunt drips wetter, my nipple ache harder for you hands and my slave hole is waiting, throbbing for your cock.

I can no longer imagine my life without your support. As much as I try to bring back that girl if 2 months ago…… She is gone. Her worries no longer exist, her needs not even comparable to the cum and pain slut I am now.

Thank you;

For helping me everyday

For giving me good pain to help with the bad

For making me embrace all of my feelings with out guilt

For keeping the lines of communication open

For never making me feel like a burden

For pushing me just enough that I don’t shut down and retreat

For letting me be your good girl

For holding me tight on your lap when I am so used and happy

For taking the time to allow the trust to build and being so tender and caring as I open up to you

For such sweet moments of good conversation at the table

For the all night cuddles in bed

For letting me fall asleep on your lap as we watch Netflix

For being the very best sir I could ever dream of

Today my plans have been adjusted, but I will meet up with Aruba girl and I hope to call you begging for you to let me cum with her mouth on my cunt.

I have a small surprise in mind for tonight and I am doing everything in my power to make it possible. I do know how much you like surprises!!

-Your wet and always ready slave

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