And it’s all better now

Today I worked from home, it was busy.

Sir has an old Ipad with a broken camera, but he can see me on face time.

I was told to put a slave ball in, sit on the plug and get the dildo for my mouth. 15 minutes and type to find others all while he watched, I could edge but not cum.  I was a good girl and he told me to stop with the dildo, (all I though of was Sirs cock in my mouth and wanting to hear him cum, to taste him), he had very bad pants to be hard in. I edged over and over I love the idea of him watching me and me not being able to see him, he watches me now as I type this.  It makes me feel connected to him. He said it seemed like a very good control thing and it is.  I feel……..more like his good girl since he can see me, even though I look like an absolute wreck!

We had a nice conversation and he had told me to get them clover clamps and dildo out before we spoke. Our conversation was drawing to a close and I asked if I should put them away as the clamps being on the table were driving me insane. The clamps I know can give me the pain I need.  He said no, put the clamp on my clit and let the chain hang, don’t worry about the camera do a lap around the table, He said I was not going fast enough I was counting, then stand and move my hips like a hola hoop, my edges more than doubled it felt so good,( more because I knew he could see as pictured rubbing my slave hole on his cock) such good lasting long pain, then take them off, I scream, feeding on the pain of pulling them not releasing them.  My clit is throbbing, alive. My mind is numb, blank, just me and this keyboard.

Then put myself over the table and get the dildo put it all the way in, so deep I get more pain. One minute, cum and count. He watches, I cum over and over counting. stop. I do, my mind floats, I thank sir for the pain, the pain that i need so much.  The pain I know I can never live without again. He tells me what a good girl I am. He teaches me so well. I am still riding that bliss where nothing can touch me and everything is good and right. Thank you again Sir, Biggest hug, sweetest kisses and warmest of cuddles into you……I am your slave, pain and cum slut.

Official count via email- 21 o’s in 60 seconds

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