So now I feel a little worse…..

I’m cleaning up yesterday’s toys and keeping an eye on my work emails.

So I open my top drawer by accident (toys are kept in the bottom-it’s bigger) and I see the box with the letter “A” on it.  The box is empty and will one day contain a single nipple ring.  Even thou I have a collar, it’s just a play collar, Sir marks his Slaves with Nipple rings, large hoops that are for use. I had visited two piercing placed in the city and neither one had the proper gauges and all would need special orders, one wouldn’t even do an 8 to start. Now I may not have big tits, but I have large always hard strong nipples, so to start small is a waste.

When I saw that empty box I felt even worse for needing punishment or any correction at all. It’s still empty and the more I grow to need pain the more the idea of holding sirs hand when the needle goes through makes me want to scream and cum.  This all flashes through my mind as I touch the box and quickly shut the drawer again.

4 thoughts on “So now I feel a little worse…..”

  1. Poor little pain slut. Kisses
    Nipple piercing takes a while to heal. I just did mine last May (as a gift to Sir for our 22 wedding anniversary) and it took months to fully heal and be comfortable for play. Maybe you would more enjoy the painful healing process more than I though 😉
    I would go with what the piercing technician recommends and then increase to gauge over time. But of course this should be your Sir’s decision ultimately.

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    1. Thanks(big cuddle into your kisses), Sir said we will do one nipple at a time, so that he has one to play with. You are right and i am hoping that sir will allow me to cum during the process, the pain of healing will have me a constant dripping puddle of a pain slut, so i look forward to it for many reasons, the one most that it will be a tangible symbol that i am owned by him, his cum and pain slut if a slave. The tech said i can start with the 8 and it would be more than safe. What a nice anniversary gift, and now i picture…..oops, there my mind goes again. Time for another meeting i will keep on mute and not pay attention to!


  2. I got my left nipple done as a xmas present to Sir. I only wanted one as i knew full healing takes at least 6 months to a year. I couldnt bear the idea of Sir not touching my breasts.
    Well, three weeks after the piercing and even though we are a long way from healed i can handle my breast being touched… Not nipple, just breast. So then back I went for the right nipple 😉
    That one is taking longer than the left, but there is the odd stabby pain, or ache.
    I love how my nipples look – so glad I had them done.

    And yes: get the right technician, I am sure your Sir will help as he has been through this before.

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