Still trapped on the hill

I love where I live because of the views. Down side is when we get any storms, it’s a million times worse here.  The buses are bypassing us because of icing conditions and I can’t walk down the hill because I fell twice in just the first block. lol, funny thought I have a couple of D rings and rope, maybe I’ll try to do it mountain climber style later.

last night

Sir said I was such a good girl yesterday to get the clover clamps out. My Ipad had died by then. I put them on and my eyes rolled back in my head. He knows how well he has and still is training me to need the pain he gives me.  I go into slave space, no hesitation. He asks if i have anything to weigh them down after he tells me to pull on them and hears my moans increase. He tells me to go get one of my gym sneakers and tie it around the chain and let go. I do and ….. There are no words that could come close to expressing how I felt. I am no longer afraid of the good pain, I have no more shame in needing it. I take a picture and send it to him.  Then since I have an i phone he face times on that. My desire to take pain increases knowing he can now see me obeying. He says to bend over at the waist and let them hang, then do circles with my hips, the shoes hitting into me and pulling harder. I beg to cum. he lets me.  I don’t remember much after that, I think he may have had me fuck myself with the dildo, but as my slave state goes deeper I loose the ability to recall much except for the feelings. I end up on the floor, used hard and happy moaning. He asks if it’s time for bed, but I really don’t know.  I crawl under the covers happy and blissful. He has some work to do but I say that I would like him to fuck my slave hole like that.  I am still learning and slave me forgets that it’s not about what I want.  Sir reminds me. My joy comes from his, when I please him I am pleased in return.  I am sorry for that, Sir.

He says that our next experience will be much different.  He is progressing me with small steps. I know that if Sir thinks I am ready for more I trust his judgment. He has taken me so far in such a short time always making sure that I was mentally and physically well. I long to kiss him as he is fucking another woman.  I know that I will feed off of his joy and he tells me it will bring us closer and every new experience I feel allows us to mesh greater and for the trust to grow.

When he did tuck me in last night I was so warm even though I was naked except for my collar. I wish I could feel and touch him. It’s so hard when he is away and I want to be on his lap and in his arms. I miss pressing my naked warm body to his and the cuddling all night. His good moans still ring in my ears. The first night of every visit I do not sleep, I practice yoga nedra, I meditate in his arms. This allows me the ability to enjoy the feeling of him being here with me and when the morning comes I am better rested and more alert than the deepest of any sleeps.  This is a practice I have never been able to do before Sirs first visit. It is very close to a blissful slave state but without the fogginess and memory loss.

Today will be a much different day as I have so much work to do prior to leaving for the wedding on Friday.

My body and soul are aching for Sir.

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