Vanilla type of love

Every morning I take the bus with basically the same people. Today I realized that 2 of them are actually a couple. She gets off before him and today I heard her mutter a “love you” and he grunted.

They sit there every morning like strangers. They don’t talk or touch, not an ounce of chemistry between them.

I remember that, that vanilla “love you.”. The words said with no meaning. That feeling of being totally alone in a relationship. I used to tell people that I was a single married woman. I fucked no one, I took care of everyone and I was constantly alone.

Sir will be up for Valentine’s Day. We are not together for a “long” time, but I’m closer to him than any other. I have never uttered those meaningless words. That’s what they are. Some words have impact like wait, obey, cum, slave, sir, home. Other words are much better expressed by actions and reactions.

I show sir my love by my need to obey.
By making sure I have all of his favorite foods.
By serving him with the silver slave tray
By taking his pain.
By my reactions to his cock pushing into my slave hole.
By trusting him to keep me safe.
By communicating every thought and emotion.
By wanting to experience every new thing with him.
By needing to touch him.
By sweet kisses,long hugs and plenty of cuddle time.
By my complete and totally submission.
By giving him control.
By doing my type a best to be his cum and pain slut, his good slut.
By licking, sucking and fucking any man or woman he says.
By my body being ready, wet and dripping every single hour of the day.

When we are out, we touch, we hold hands, we lean on each other. A constant need to be both mentally and physically connected. That’s what sets us apart from this indifferent vanilla love.

I could never go back to that disconnected life.
For the first time I am actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day, to kneel before my sir, and showing him how important he is to me by being his good girl, his good slut, and most important, his happy slave.

Side note: I have a cold, I was not going to sleep easy last night. Sir asked if I need pain or just a sweet goodnight. I said pain, please, sir.

Binder clip on my clit, I let it go all the way, knowing I will need strong pain to get rid of the bad pain in my chest. Then sir says take it off, I want to scream and curse him, I need to cum. I need the pain to wash over me. Then he says put it back on, I breathe again, but just on the tip. I do and the pain is stronger fuller, Devine. He say move it around and up and down and it builds I beg, not all that well because my throat hurts and he lets me cum, one minute to cum as much as i can from that beautiful pain he is giving me. When he says to take it off and cum, I do and 2x. I continue to spasm, it takes a full minute to reach that blissful afterglow in my slAve state. I no longer cough, I can lay down and sleep. He tells me I’m a good girl and with soft kind words he wishes me goodnight. I fell asleep no longer feeling ill, but in a slave state with a smile on my face, hugging my pillow tight as I would have my sir. He is the best doctor I have ever known!!

Oh and good news, I was able to count, so my knew cum slut record is:
27 orgasms in 65 seconds.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla type of love”

  1. So well said. What good is it to meaninglessly mutter “love you”. It’s perfunctory and a waste of breath. I do say “I love You” to him, but I feel it with all of my being when I say it kneeling by his feet. I am so much happier with the deeper connection I have my Sir.

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