Sick Slave

I am up and this cold has gotten much much worse.

Today I leave my little sanctuary to enter the Vanilla world for three whole days.  Sir took over my type A behaviors for me yesterday and found such interesting possible play partners.  Due to this blog and the many other blogs I follow I have become increasingly interested in the Daddy/little girl dynamic and he found one of them too!  A little is something I am just not even though I love to be held and being told I’m a good girl I am very much not a little and would love to meet one (aside from little R-she has no daddy or BDSM interests).

He also found a D/s coupe with the prettiest you girl searching for an older couple.  She is the me of just a few month ago. We spoke last night and as I promised her Dom we would have a sweet very normal conversation.  I still get nervous when I voice chat with anyone new. She sounded shy and sweet and Sir said that I did a very good job and that he could hear me stoking her hair with my voice.  He first told me about this couple by saying the guy was very pretty, lol, prettier than even me! I didn’t know to be amused or offended, then I saw his picture and yup (if he really looks like that) he is one of the prettiest men I have ever seen. Sir and I agreed he is in that illusive 1% on looks.  Sir asked me if I understood him wanting me to play with such an good looking couple. I had a few answers to that. One that he knew no matter what I am his being first off.  the second that he spoke with the man and they had a good chat, then my mind went to her inexperience and the allure of someone having their firsts with us. While all of those answers may have some validity he said no that was not the reason at all.  He wanted to reward my good behavior and what better way than with such a couple.  I was so touched I shed a tear at those words.  He let me know just how much he acknowledges and appreciates my type A behavior.

Sir said I could pick two toys last night.  I picked the clovers, my need for pain very apparent. then maybe the rabbit, but Sir knew better and said nope, the plug instead. I did a wide legged forward bend one hand on the floor for balance and puched the plug in fast and hard. The clover attached to just the tip of my clit and one nipple. I am short enough that I can stand and the chain is long enough to give a little tension but still allow me to walk. I moaned and feed from the pain, # spots all pain, what I needed to send me to my good slave state. things get fuzzy……sir said I could have 10 minutes to do my chores before bed. I couldn’t move well with the clit attached so he let me take it off.  He called on facetime so he could see his good slave, every move was a moan. deeper and deeper I fell until the facetime clicked off.  I went into the bedroom and called him.  I don’t know if the 10 minutes was over but I was fighting hard the entire time not to cum. he said I could fuck the wall one hand on the plug to hold it and one minute to cum.  Since there was not email I’d guess that I could not verbalize all of my O’s as my throat is and was so sore.  Plug out and clamp off I crawled into bed happy and blissful. A good full nights sleep.  Sir was up this morning early and I have so much to do…..

In hindsite yesterday )even sick) was one of the best balanced days. I was productive at work, a good friend to the bride and a good slave for my sir.  My clit pulses just writing that as I strive to perfect balance in all of my relationships. Sir and I always coming first.

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