Not enough hours…..

Every day I am sick or it snows sets me back.  I feel like crap, but I have things that must be done.  I understand Sir wanting me to meet with new people and have adventures, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with my hectic life.  Yesterday was a day of phone conversations with people that I miss and haven’t seen in ages.  It made me very……blah to realize how many people I’ve been ignoring. I want a life that is full of fun and adventure, but I also miss my core group of friends.

I need help with balance.

I can balance the work thing but the social life is a totally different story.

I will be trekking through this slush today to at least 3 boros. Even a car would not make today much easier.  Plus I am waiting on my useless x husband to wake up from his most likely drunken stupor in order to even start the things I have on my list.

I id fins out he was dating yesterday, that made me so very happy.  I don’t hate him, I just want him to move on and divorce me.  He has ruined my credit and made my life a complete disaster at times but the truth is we’ve been friends for over 20 years.  He’s taught me so much about what I don’t want in my life and what’s important.

Well speak of the devil, he just called.  Time to go and get in the shower so I can go do my taxes. Gotta say I’m just not feeling myself today.

12 thoughts on “Not enough hours…..”

  1. Every day that it snows, I just want to get on a plane to the Caribbean and not come back! But I have to do my taxes in a couple hours & after that I have to have a facial and have my damn eyebrows waxed (eyebrows, there should be two of them)

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      1. ((Hugs)). I am fortunate to have left my ex behind in Florida, so the heavy veil of his dysfunction is lifted and 1100 miles distant. For me, the harshness of winter is the price I pay to keep him distant, but I miss my friends and elements of my perpetually sunny life, too.

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