New day

So I’m up and ready.

A long work day ahead of me. Tonight’s plans have changed so I’m going to try to convince little R to join the world again by offering yoga and pizza.

I know depression and it’s the worst. I just hope she snaps out of it soon.

Yesterday Sir turned my day around as always. I woke, exhausted, emotions always leave me physically drained the next day.

Today work will be crazy to the tune of 7 long hours of meetings and I will be going crazy not hearing Sir for this long length of time.

This morning I woke to a missed call, text and emails. Sir knows that when I get in a state of mind like yesterday’s I need the emotional support to get through. He sent sweet words and pictures from his last visit along with a photo of a beautiful threesome.

I love waking up to emails like that. His words letting me know I am a valued person, his photos tell me he treasures our time together and the porn, that I am desirable and he is willing to share what turns him on.

I do love porn. I don’t watch it anymore because, well I don’t need to. I can cum from words and our connection makes my orgasm so much more than watching a girl take on a scene. But I woke with the memory of sir fucking my cunt with my poor deceased dildo while watching the story of o. I long to do that again, to be on the couch with him dripping and to get to the point I become wild with need, feeling him close begging for him to use me in any matter he wants. To watch images that I wish to duplicate and give Sir pleasure by him knowing I have only the limits he sets, none of my own.

I’m wet and if he was here I would be feverishly humping his leg!! Lol

Off to work….back to reality….

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