Too wet…

To be stuck at work.

All I think of all day is fucking. Sir I am so incredibly wet. I’m tired and dream like. It’s weird that I’m not craving the pain as I normally do, but real hard fucking, my cunt and slave hole.

A soft pretty girl on my clit, another with a strap on made for a dp. Maybe even a man fucking her so the rhythm is set and his force drives into her.

Maybe one day, as wet as that fantasy makes me I know my emotions from yesterday are still with me.

I hope that this will bring Sir pleasure as yesterday I was doubting my ability to carry on as a slave. I just want to be Sirs good whore, but I’m still trying to find balance internally. I’m his, but I can’t loose me too. Sir says he likes emotions and I also fear becoming too slave like and loosing them, I love being a slave, not a fuck toy.

Where once my fear was being a bad slut, now I fear becoming just a hole.
I fear the emotions will become too much and my cunt will be too wet and I will loose myself to …… A base need to fuck and obey.

I don’t want to shut down and just becoming numb.

I’m so tired , horny, and want to be held by Sir. I want to be used hard and let the emotions fall away. Even more I want to sleep wrapped in Sirs warm arms.

But like a good girl, I’ll go to a 4 hour meeting instead and try my best not to sleep(or leave a wet mark on my chair).

I don’t know where this new fear has come from.

2 thoughts on “Too wet…”

  1. So much of this I feel, too. Needing to be a good whore and slut for Him, yet not surrendering everything to numbness and loss. I’m sure your Sir understands, as Master does with me– submission is our life breath. Positive thoughts and hugs to you as you conquer the day.

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