Anal, anal, anal

Ha! Love the excessive lube!

missmanners78 - a slave's journey

When you say the word “Anal” you get one of three reactions:  a) “Oh hell yes!”  b)  “Oh hell no!”  c)  crickets.  Nothing.  Silence.


I have to admit I was in the “b” category back in the day simply because I tried it with someone that had NO idea what he was doing.  As a result, I shied away from it.  Wasn’t going to happen.  No, no.  No, no.  It wasn’t a good experience and I was positive it never would be. 


It wasn’t until much later that I have come to understand and absolutely love anal sex.  My Sir and I both love anal.  I now prefer anal orgasms over vaginal ones.  They’re so much more intense.  He also took it slowly with me until He knew I was completely ready.   Now I’m His little anal slut. 


 Patience is going to be your virtue.



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