He’s always known me

i asked Sir for my old screen name. In just 3 months I had forgotten it.

This is just the first example that he knows what I need. I said I never needed the pat on the head, little did I know, it’s what I need the most.

Happy 3 months Sir!

I try not to read too much into pieces of data, such as the term ‘pet’ in your username….

That forms the impression that you have almost a tangible need to please , to be appreciated, to hear “you are a good girl” while sitting on your man’s lap in his chair while your hair is being stroked.

to see him give a sincere, genuine smile when you have pleased him.

That horrible inside feeling you get when you see disappointment in his eyes.

again, reading into things :::: you have figured some things out, and here in year 2014 have made the intelligent decision to seek anew – that your brain is now fully-ok with what your inside soul now knows it simply ‘needs’ 

To get to know a man so well that you become his – in a sane and balanced fashion. Ying and Yang. To the ideal point where he knows you so very well; and you him there is nothing he would want from you that you could not offer, mutual trust —–

that when you hear your man say “good girl” you tingle inside….

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