I long to be touched

just off the phone with Sir. He had his sleepy voice on. My cunt is now dripping. I am floating through my meetings(none important, thankfully) with nothing but thoughts of Sir using me. I first think of taking his pain and making his cock hard. The whip, the beautiful welts I have not seen in so long. His big hands twisting my nipples. Then sucking his cock, I miss rolling his cum in my mouth before I swallow. Then naked In my slave leathers serving his food and coffee. Talking sweet words and then up on his lap for some pets on the head and cuddles. Then off to the kitchen bending over the slave station. Sir fucking my slave hole, good pain screams and I cum when he cums over and over, feeling like I may never stop,me on the floor floating him holding me, saying what a good girl his slave is.

Off to another meeting and yet another day dream of my Sir.

My heart is full of joy and my cunt is at its wettest yet. I am his happy happy slut.

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