This is a brand new emotion. Brought on by Sir, a gift of sorts for our anniversary.

With so much emotional changes coming so fast at me I am even more needing of Sir. He is becoming my air. I need everything about him, his strength, his care, his protection and his pain.

This emotion is causing a very physical reaction. I am wet like never before, my clit and cunt are pulsing like I’ve been getting eaten out for hours. I feel used even though I have not been touched. I want to be held by my sir, spread wide open on Sirs lap while being licked. I need to have Sir make me beg hard, tell me no, letting the need to cum drive me to the point that I can no longer handle, to bring the tears. To let me cum violently, no longer me but just …… A slave and slut and whore, all his. 

To give him to another, to kiss him as I am in his arms while his cock is sucked. To know in my heart I am his. That he will enjoy her mouth but he will look at me and I will feel his joy. To kneel for him and put the condom on with my mouth spreading her ass cheeks and wanting to cum when I see his cock push in, when I hear that first pain scream. To look at him, his joy while feeling her (maybe under her tit to tit) holding her. But being his. Him kissing me when he cums because I am the slave Sir has made me.

Sir asked what I would like for my birthday and the simple answer is whatever will please him to give me.

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