Today will be work, work and more work.

As soon as I’m out of here off to yoga in the city, then an adventure. I will be meeting up with a Domme in a beautiful gothic bar. My nerves are not as bad as they would have been last month. I’m getting used to meeting new people and following Sirs commands. 

It is funny when dealing with multiple dominate personalities. She requested I show up with no makeup. Sir loves my pirate red lipstick. I really don’t understand the no makeup, but it’s easy on me, no need to touch up after class. No matter what she says the lipstick will be on when I get there.

In my purse are clovers, collar and Luna balls. Sir said to pack them, just in case. It’s been 4 days since sir and I have played. I miss it. I don’t know if it’s just busy schedules or he wants me to be overly horney. I know he has his reasons. The only thing that has been allowing me to sleep is him letting me have either the rope or chains around my waisted. They put me at ease, I imagine it to be a long lasting hug from Sir.

I am so mushy and wet. Today being a perfect internal balance of both emotional and physical need.

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