Cunt brain

i have no brain for work, so tgif.

My cunt had taken over. After my chat with Sir regarding my emotions my cunt took over my brain.

I am fixated on being with Sir and another submissive girl. Not someone new, but experienced in submission. Someone who needs no training. My cunt wanting that.

My cunt begging to be fucked, not by a Dom or Domme, but a submissive girl. I am ….. Needing to be full to have Sir so pleased that he fucks my slave hole. To have a dp and feel that fullness tit to tit with another girl. To be with Sir. It’s becoming an increasing need to have him see how well I am obeying him. How much I want to make him happy. 

My cunt won’t turn off, it’s like a non stop porn in my brain. All with the end game being his praise of the good whore I am becoming. 

The amazing part is that I not only am ok with this turm about but excited about it. I want to scream how happy I am. How wet and mushy and joyful. I aways stopped this turn of my emotions. I shut it down fearing that I would be scorned for my need.

This is all possible by Sir approving of me. 

His words:

I am the one who took you here, of course it’s what I want

I’m very happy

Very pleased at your acceptance

You are my good girl and you make me happy

That is what all of this need is about, his happiness, our meshing. The ying and yang of us.  

I want to keep trying to explain but I can’t. I need no other as I need Sir. His words make the things I have suppressed and hated about myself not just ok, but attributes to be proud of. 

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