im so very happy it’s Friday.

My energy level is nill, but I’ll get through the day.

My meeting yesterday with the domme went well. She is insanely interesting and we met at a great bar that I really look forward to going to again(even though it’s super expensive).

She has some interests that are really not inline with mine but it was really amazing to hear how they came about.

She scolded me for not dressing warmer as she was covered in leather and fur and me in wool and cotton. 

I had gotten to the bar headed straight to the bathroom. Bra and yoga pants off leaving just a tight turtle neck and shirt with knee high boots. Under that my collar, clover clamps and Luna’s in.

She said she would discreetly check to see if they were all on. They collar was easy…we found a quit corner and a few tugs on the clovers. Then the Luna’s, I stood in front of her blocking the crowd legs spread. Her hand went up the slit in the back of my skirt and she found the string. She pulled, but not enough that they came out then pushed so they went back in almost sending me to my knees. In a perfect kinky world I would have begged this stranger to bend me over and fuck my slave hole right then and there. Unfortunatly it wasn’t that kind of bar.

She asked if I wanted to play but sir had not said that was an option and she being domme he is extra careful with. She asked when I had to get up for work and immediately said nope, we would get some food and then off I would go. 

After much conversation and laughs we headed to the subway arm in arm. A kiss goodnight and an inquiry as to if I would want to play next weekend.

Sir asked me many questions that I didn’t know. It was much more a getting to know you meeting than a proper vetting. They will talk during the week and even if we do not play it was a great night out with an interesting person in a beautiful setting. I am forever grateful to Sir, without him I would never go on these great adventures.

Today much like yesterday I am mushy, still wet and wanting to feel Sir. My tits longing for his hands and my holes pulsing, waiting for him to fill them.

Funny side note. I got home at about 1am, 2 packages waiting for me. I called Sir and he was ready for bed. I was talking to him as I opened my plain yellow padded envelopes. He got a kick out of the fact that no matter how tired I was I just had too see what new toys had arrived!

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