i don’t know how to stop this need.

I want to cry. My cunt is wetter than yesterday, it pulses and it won’t stop. Every step I take feels like an edge. My need is so bad. Tears keep forming.

I just need Sir. I need his pain. His soft words of approval. I need to hear him tell me to cum for him. I am tortured right now with this need. I want to leave work. I want to go home pull out every toy, have Sir use them all, everyone, on every hole. Just edging me over and over.Then when I can’t stand it anymore tieing me spread eagle, gagged and blindfolded. Chain through my collar, clovers on my nipples, slave leathers on and nothing else for hours on end. Crying and dripping and begging but no voice left, just a whimper of please Sir. 

Then the whip over and over. Close to passing out, moved by his strong arms to the slave station cuffs attached so that I don’t fall. Sir grabs my chain making my collar chock me, then he pushes his cock on so fast and hard saying cum, cum from the good pain. Don’t stop, I cum from the second he enters me until the second he stops moving, through every hard thrust and every moan. Until I pass out.  

Coming to in his arms. A spacey smile on my face, being used very hard by my Sir. He pets my head saying good girl, good slut, my good slave. I cuddle into him, showing him with my slave body and soul how desperately I need him.

I miss Sir so very much, everytime he leaves it gets worse. The need I have for him emotional and physical. I am beyond Sirs slave or at least beyond what I could imagine I could be. I want to serve him every moment of the day. My constant thought of pleasing him. 

My only joy is recieved by obeying.

I know in both mind states my physically reaction is only brought on by my emotional state. I could not picture a moment without Sirs support, care and trust. He makes me the best me I could ever be. And I just want to jump into his arms saying thank you. To kneel by his chair, waiting for him. 

It will be 13 more days before I can feel him again. I am so overjoyed that I can take off of work and enjoy this new found ……freedom(?), peace (?) I don’t know the words. What I do know is I will only exist during the next visit to please Sir. The entire trip, obeying, serving, licking, sucking and fucking any man or woman say says. I will not hold an ounce of me back. I will show him just how much I adore being owned by him. I will finish out this year knowing I am complete. That the emptiness in my soul is filled. That I found exactly what I was looking for.

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