Mushy the Slave


: soft and wet

: too romantic or sentimental

I woke up to a message from Sir saying this is now my pet name 🙂

When I referred to myself these past few days as mushy, I didn’t realize how incredibly accurate I was being.  I am the exact definition.  Last night was fun, drinks and painting. Sir telling me to strip and wait by his chair with my clovers on. I dripped waiting for him.He offered quick O’s or after my errands today a nice long play time.  I choose, Being the cum slut I am (even though I have been dripping from my cunt for days) to wait.

A new toy had come in the mail. A hitachi accessory that is made for triple stimulation. Sir said to go get it and to try it. It was heaven. I was kneeling and feverishly fucking myself with it, clover still on. No cuming but sweet edge after edge.

Sir has a meeting in the city Monday and I have off. I can’t wait to see him! There will be a yacht party, it might not happen, but even just to be with him for a few hours will be enough to get me through the next week and a half.

Sir put me to bed with sweet words and I dreamt all night long of licking, sucking and fucking person after person all for Sirs pleasure as he watched his good whore. I remember most the look of pride on his face, that I was his good cum slut.  Then his arms around me safe on his lap….wet, so very wet. I was shaking from head to toe floating in the most perfect blissful state.

I told him last night after he had me ice my nipples and put the ice in my cunt hole, that the mushy feeling made me afraid. That I feared it was not a good thing. He asked if I tried to fuck anyone without him knowing? Was it making me do anything he didn’t know about and I said no Sir. He then told me that it is just a reaction to our three month mark. I just needed to know that this is a good thing in his eyes. I am so used to it being a part of me that I hide. Knowing that Sir likes this part of me will allow me to better express myself.

I woke today no less mushy than the day before, secure in the fact that Sir is ….. happy with me.

I wonder if this feeling will now be a permanent part of who I am.  If my cunt will ever stop pulsing and needing…more.  I type this looking at Sirs chair, thinking of his cock and cum in my mouth this very minute and how much I miss that.

Big surprise planned today for Sirs next long visit, so off to get things done.

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