The wedding

There were so many pretty things at the venue.  I sent Sir a picture of me and another bridesmaid in a large mirror that was part of a big dressing table.  I saw that and pictured sir tieing me to it spread wide and whipping me my face towards the mirror so I can see the whip coming. I could see the look I get when the pain cums, so he could still see it too. to have another girl sitting under me after and licking my cunt while sir watches. Begging to cum over and over from the pain from the fact that sir is there and I obey.

I went to the restroom and thought of sir, locking the door pulling my dress up and pulling my tits out so they were pressed on the cold hard marble, fucking my slave hole not for my joy or orgasm, but his only. Then leaving and going back out to join the crowd arm in arm. Knowing I am a good girl and I will give Sir anything and everything he wants.

I pictured how beautiful I would have looked in that setting with my hair and makeup all done in nothing but collar and cuffs and heels, walking down the stairs into a room of like minded people.  People that would appreciate the beauty of the surrounding and Sir would be so pleased as I licked, fucked and sucked very person he commanded.  All for his joy, not mine.

The old me would have still seen the beauty in my surroundings but never would have had anyone to share my thoughts with.  The old me would have never let my mind go to such perverse places and if they did I would have never uttered a word.  I am his cum slut and I have no guilt over wanting to be used hard.  I want to please my Sir and I know that when I am used and go to that blissful slave state it makes him happy.

I told a friend last night that also wanted the same girl that I would get her first, that I would have her do what I wanted then he could have her and I would make sure to get her out of that beautiful dress for him.  I would have never said such words with out sir letting me know that I am his good slut. She is newly married and drank way too much so none of that happened. Sir had promised 50 o’s today if it did and only 5 if it didn’t. There was a time 5 would have been a dream, now it is a drop in the bucket of what sir makes my body achieve.  I am home just a short time and i am already wet down to my ankles. I never ever want to be the cold and empty thing I was with out him.  He feeds me, with every command I am more his, I am less shamed, he cherishes me because I am always his good girl.

I even thought of just sharing a nice breakfast with him today.  To serve him with my slave tray and share a good warm morning talk.  He makes me complete and balanced.

My sir has trained me to feel again and to feel it all every pain and pleasure, I sit here floating, writing. I am so very glad to be home, his very good pain, cum slut slave.  I want nothing else but to be perfectly his.

For three days Ive missed you

I can function without you Sir, but I am just a shell. I breathe, I move, I dance and laugh, but I’m empty.  I hear your voice and I want to crawl on my hands and knees into you. I want to lick and suck your cock and sit on your lap. I want to take you in, touch you and ………

There were so many beautiful spots that I knew you would enjoy. Spots to cuddle. Spots to lift my skirt  up and push your cock into my slave hole.  So many pretty girls that I wanted to spread open for you and watch you enjoy their pain. I want to feel you cum when we kiss.  I want every experience to bring us closer. I am yours.  I flirted with the blond girl because her dress was so classy and sexy, black lace fitted to perfection in a old Hollywood way with a small tail that made her ass look incredible. I just wanted to touch it. To have her in front of you and to slowly take it off and bend her over kissing her and touching her breast to breast.

Almost home

One more hour to go and I will be headed home. It was fun. I danced all night, my male friend t and I picked out the same girl and flirted with her all night, we even made plans to bring her back to the room, but she drank too much.
Sir helped me yesterday by giving me such good pain, clearing my head enough to get through all of the pre wedding hair and make up I had to do.
I’m so happy to be going back home and to my normal life!!