Another Birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. So in a few minutes I will go to see her and spend a little time.

We had a great lunch yesterday and it was so nice to come home to Sir sitting and working at the dining room table. I especially like just having him here. Being able to go over and ask Sir if I can get him anything and giving him kisses on his cheek.

He finished his work and it was time for a short nap. I always sleep naked next to him.  This shows him that I am ready for his use at anytime he wants. As I was in that wonderful twilight state He grabbed my nipple and gave me such sweet pain. Not much in the world turns me on like being groggy and used. My body reacts with no brain me at all, I become an immediate whore, begging to be fucked. Sir said vibrator in my cunt. I was so wet I had to hold it in, no amount of kegels would work in keeping anything in as I was dripping.  Sir took my slave hole hard and I begged for more. After I was in the most lovely head space the rest of the night.

We had a great birthday dinner and I drank an entire bottle of prosecco. Sir giving me even more pain by messaging a few pressure points that always make me scream in delight. Him in his chair and his good mushy slave where she belongs on the floor between his legs floating in bliss. If I could have anything in life that would be it. I would choose to stay there on my knees with my head on his lap, used, secure and cared for. Always my hair stroked and a “good girl” from his lips.

As I got up (my knee never lets me stay as long as I would like) I said to Sir to watch out, I had made a nice size puddle.  He had let me put ice in my cunt hole before and Even though most was out before I knelt, I didn’t want him to slip. So back on my knees to clean up my cunt juices.

I woke again this morning needing to be used, but that will have to wait.

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