Today hurts.

I’m back in the office after a week off. Sitting on this chair with my bruised ass.

I woke up this morning and realized my period came early.

What hurts the most is that I’ll go home after yoga and Sir will not be sitting in his chair. 

Tonight I will sleep alone.

Physical hurts are manageable, but the mental ones are so much worse.

This morning I set the alarm extra early so that I could enjoy the twilight cuddles. I rushed to shower and dress so that I could jump into bed for a few more minutes. Sir half awake asking if I could work from home. I wish, but after a week my physical presence is required. 

I’m mushy and horny, my tits long for his touch. Sir will leave me with a gift. He downloaded porn for me on my computer. I used to watch it everyday, but I’ve only watched it 2x with sir.

Yesterday we watched a fucking machine contest. He was sitting in my chair and I was leaning on the dinning room table. I could feel the heat in my cunt start and the normal slave wet increased. I said nothing to Sir, I never have to. He got up and came back with a condom and I pulled my pants down. Sir fucked my cunt hard, making me go into such a state I begged him not to stop.

When Sir is around I am his mushy slave. I am in a constant state of being aroused. It’s going to hurt not to have him there, not to have him use me at anytime he wishes. 

I miss him already

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