4 months

i am writing this at my desk.

It will be set to publish when I call Sir at 6pm. In my previous blog I said I was going to yoga, but class starts at 6pm and that will just not due. Today is our four month anniversary. 

In four months I have changed from a sad girl to the happiest slave. He has helped me face my issues and needs in the most kind way.

I’ve learnt so much about myself and my need to be owned. I find myself tearing up as I write this. They are happy tears. As I am complete.

With each day and each visit I become more his. My body only reacts now to his needs, wants and commands. I wish he was here to hold and thank.

I went through a very hard period trying to accept the things I need. I need control, routine, structure, support, pain and above all to feel. Sir has enabled me to feel. He doesn’t try to discard when I am sad or have a bad day. 

He also ( and to some this will sound weird) gives me a greater sense of independence and freedom. When I am at work I am more confident, I listen better, my mind becomes clear and calm because of the mental support I have from him. I also benefit from the physical pain. It helps me to focus. He helps me to face my fears and praises me when I succeed. This makes me need to do better in all aspects of my life. I have gained more self confidence as a result of being Sirs slave than I have every had.

I know there will still be more training, more things to learn and experience. I will at sometimes doubt and stumble but I am secure that Sir will catch me when I do. 

I am Sirs mushy little dripping wet slave. Please know Sir as you read this I will be standing in the kitchen, drinking my wine having a dreaded smoke as i did the first night. The difference is no nerves, no……fear. Just a wet cunt and a happy heart.

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