……headache. It could be a couple of things. The change of weather, the massive amount of work I’ve been doing or dehydration from being a puddle for days.

Last night was full of friend drama, but I did get to have a couple of nice chats, one with Sir.

For our anniversary 40 edges, with sweet needed pain. Clamp on my clit and plugged hard. It had been so long since Sir had me plug. It sent me into an immediate fog. Then clamp off, hitachi on my clit, counting off, then on the plug. It was heaven, I wanted to keep going, but I am a good girl and stopped. 

My body is in such a state that by the time I fell asleep I was still edging just by breathing.

My sleep was a fit of need, humping, moaning, begging Sir to fuck me. I woke up exhausted. I would have been better to have stayed up all night.

Today my cunt still drips. I am hoping to be able to cum tonight. I really don’t know how much longer my mind can control my physical needs. 

I dreamed of chains……all over me. Bound tight, fucked hard, so wet. No brain thoughts just a slave, making Sir happy. I remember him asking what would I like? My answer to be your good whore, to be used in anyway that will make you happy. That thought makes my clit pulse with need.

I know that I am no where near ready for last nights dream but……it is something I long for one day.

For now I just miss my chains, cuffs,collar, no clothes, ready and needing to serve. 

I also had a very pretty leash, the dream so real I could feel Sir leading me with it. I was his, his slave to fuck and share. It’s a very powerful feeling to …… Be thought of in that matter. That I am worthy of his praise, that my holes please him so well he wants others to experience them. That he is thanked when I am a good whore.

I could go on writing about this all day….but alas I’m at work sitting on a blanket and I feel the puddle already.

I have 3 possible plans for tonight to please Sir and I’m hoping the release of cuming will get rid of this horrible headache.

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