The Submissive’s Positive Reflection

Well said.

Tall, Dark and Dominant

Here’s something I like to address with my pet:

Each night, probably while we are laying in each other’s arms, I get her to tell me about her day. I get her to not focus on the negative aspects, if any – I am teaching her to acknowledge them, lay with them if you must so they don’t defeat you, but don’t let them overcome you.

So I get her to tell me about what’s positive in her life, what’s she happy for. If she strays – that is to say, if she starts to wander down the stormy weather path – I will hold her gently and reaffirm that she is beautiful and so is her place in the world.

Why do I do these things?

It builds confidence and strength and I believe that it forces her to look at her life through a clear window, maybe and hopefully…

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