in my mind I down played the significance of yesterday’s wedding. This was a boy I helped raise. It was like watching a son become a man.

C and I met many times by chance. But when I was 19 we became the best of friends in a snow storm. She went through my wild times (even if she really didn’t know it) together. We would go dancing every weekend, getting no sleep and she worked weekends. Her son went to his father but we would pick him up Sunday morning, chipper and set for a fun day with the boy. Our way of balancing out the mayhem of the previous 2 days.

Now we are older and more settled into life. We are not the same crazy people, even though I still have my wilder side.

The boy gave me a big hug and said thank you for being there for C when no one else could. We raised him well.

C’s husband and I were standing at the bar watching his daughter(my goddaughter). Next month she’ll be 15. We both had the same thought. Neither one of us are ready for her to grow up, but sadly they do. No more late night food fights or locking me out in the snow. My first little boy is a man and …… I’m happy and sad.

So it was a vanilla weekend but even with the drop I had friday I made it through. I needed to and next weekend will be similar with Easter fast approaching. 

Side note, why is there snow on the car roofs????? Spring will you ever come?

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