18 weeks

Happy Tuesday Sir.

I went for a test because I’ve been ignoring the flashing warning signs my body is giving me. Sad truth is I may need surgery but I just can’t afford to be out of work, so for now I’ll just have to deal with it.

Sir has been sick and I feel horrible that I can do nothing to comfort him. Today I find that I’m blah to the stress that I should be going through. 

Last night the nightmares returned. I’ve had the same ones since I was a young girl. I never remember them for more than a few minutes, but they are stress related. 

Right now I’m just floating, waiting for the shit to hit the fan so to speak. I have this feeling that something big is going to happen and it’s not good.

At 18weeks I wish I could write a nicer more expressive post but I just don’t have it in me. In a perfect world sir and I would be all snuggled together in bed, but the world is not perfect.

4 thoughts on “18 weeks”

  1. Sending you and your Sir good vibes. I hope you both get to feeling better.

    I struggle with nightmares as well, like you, especially when my stress levels are high.

    Hugs, xx bratt

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