In the origin myth, “something out of nothing”, is analogous to our own individual experience of waiting, of being ‘stuck’, harboring a mysterious seed, which undergoes a spontaneous incubation period. During times when we feel full of ourselves and complete, as if we are ready for something new, Eros is at work. The discomfort which attends this completeness is the urge to give birth, whether that is to a new perception, an evolution of our self or a relationship or project – we may be consciously preparing for a new experience, but unconsciously still incubating which is the source of the frustration or discomfort. For example, if one feels stuck or depressed, it may be a foreshadowing of a creative burst – often creation is preceded by a form of depression. Or, on the other hand, one might feel angst or excitement with no obvious reason. Pre-creative inflation can create complicated symptoms all of which are essential to the creative force.

Self-insemination, incubation and delivery is our interior creative process. Psychologically, one begins to collapse into an all-consuming fullness of void.  

I decided that since I was so stressed yesterday, I’d take a few minutes(ok more than a few) and figure out what this feeling was that I spoke of this morning.

My mind is prepping for more change, I have no idea the form it will take, it’s just a feeling.

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