I miss

the feel of my Sir.

His hands on my hair. The way he holds my hands as we sleep.

They way I feel when he is near. I go from stressed to slave. 

When he is gone the thought of doing something as simple as brewing coffee in the morning is too much of a task that I drink iced coffee all year long! When he’s here I serve him meals and drinks and snacks and I look forward to it. I get wet making even a simple dish. Sir will come in and thank me by giving me good pain, edging me, sending me into a good even subspace. After I present him he always thanks me. That’s the reason I enjoy it so, he really acknowledges that I made something for him. I do many things for him that I won’t do for anyone else including myself. 

I just realized what’s been different these past few days and why I feel so empty.

No subspace.

Sir even when he is far away can send me into bliss with just his voice. He’s been so sick I’ve been living life in full techi-color reality.

I sent Sir an email asking respectfully for pain today. I try not to be a bother to him. I held out as long as I could, never wanting to take pain without Sir involved. He said yes and I calmed. My cunt started to drip again, my mind went soft. All in just him saying that one word.

It’s a sad substitute for being with him, but I’ll take it. I want his hands on my tits and his cock in my slave hole. I need to hear him tell me to take his pain and see how hard it makes him. The pain slut in me is screaming right now for sir. 

In a perfect world tonight I would go home, a pretty naked girl having dinner on the table, the house clean, dogs walked. Sir fresh out of the shower. Telling me to strip, giving me my leathers. On the chair, ass in the air, taking the whip, cuming with each hit to my ass. Being in such a good head space on my Sirs lap as the girl sucks his cock. All the time he holds me, with a good girl, clovers on my nipples, him pulling, me moaning, drinking the pain, floating higher. Him ripping them off and kissing me as we both cum. That is my perfect world. Then chains on, under the table, kissing the girl and taking Sirs cum from her mouth, licking Sir cock clean and holding her with my head on Sirs lap as he enjoys dinner.

Tonight there will be good pain to take away the bad and that makes me a happy slave.

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