New routines

i really enjoy routines, always have.

Now that the weather may finally change, my routines change with it.

I am very much a rise before the sun person, but not a morning person. Until I’ve had my coffe and at least 3 hours awake I won’t speak. This is a pretty easy thing when you live alone.

Now I have to figure out a new routine. I have to get to the gym more. I put on 10 pounds this winter and I must get it off this month. The dogs need to get out more, my waist training needs to progress.

In writing it doesn’t look like much but put work, family,friends, lol, laundry and Sir along with it, it can get to be.

Then there’s the part of me that wishes there was not routine, the slave me. The one that exists only to be servicing Sir. The wet cunt me that can do nothing but wait and beg to be used.

These two mes run parallel, every so often fighting to see who wins. It’s a struggle.

Last night I slept, the slave won. Naked collar cuffs, hard thick rope tied tight around my waist, bound and ready for Sir. That’s when my brain goes quiet when the slave is allowed out.

I wish I could sleep like that every night or at least bound in some manner. 

My sheets were soaked when I woke and my cunt felt like it was used all night. I’m wondering what is going on as I sleep. That is the time I’m most needy. I become hot to the touch and my wet cunt becomes more responsive than any other. It is also when I miss being with Sir the most. Nice long cuddles. Knowing that at anytime he wants I will….. Rejoice in revicieving his pain.

It’s a bad memory Sir replaced with a good one and with each visit my need for him to wake me by using me for his pleasure increases. It doesn’t matter if it pain, my holes, toys or strong hugs and cuddles, I know that is what I am meant to do.

I am a very happy, wet and …… Needy slave today.

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