New Day

I miss Sir.

Spring has sprung and my allergies are in full force.

My boss told me on Friday to work from home today and thank goodness because I’m like a kid with a cold. Tissues everywhere. Oddly this does nothing to stop my dripping cunt.

I dreamt last night that something happened and Sir would not see me anymore. I woke up in  a panic. I know it was nothing I did, but it seemed so real. Then I closed my eyes…….the panic calmed and the slave took over. Dreams of Sir’s voice. Blindfold on, ball gag in, just sirs voice.

My dreams continued all night, no memory of anything put Sirs voice and being restrained. My holes are begging for him, my slave mind needing him, needing pain to continue.

I think the outside stresses of this month are starting to mount. When I get stressed I get insecure. This is how is manifests in my dreams. To the world I show a face of a woman that is self-assured and independent, but I’m really not. Well yeah in some ways I really am, but emotionally I am sometimes a wreck.

Sitting at the table, wishing he was at the other end so I could go over and sit on his lap. I could really just use a big hug today.

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