I’ve already been up four hours.

As much as I love the results from the gym, I hate waking up as early as I have too. Putting that on the list of reasons I need to move.

 Last night I tossed and turned, I never do that when Sir is with me. I sleep soundly and I wake up so happy and wet.

It’s amazing how well we fit.

Today for some reason, lack of sleep, allergies, or just the blah, I’m feeling down. Not badly low, but just the type of mood where you want to crawl under the covers and cuddle, no kink, just cuddles.

I have a busy day ahead and may kill the first person that speaks to me with out more coffee.

I wish I could stay in fantasy land all day thinking about the things I should be doing right now with Sir, but it’s time to go to a meeting 😦

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