My mind

i keep trying to write about tomorrow. Each visual sending me straight into subspace.

One of the main reasons is because Sir will be visiting this week. My cunt is in over drive and everytime I let my imagination go to a place where pain/pleaseure will be given if is him I see. 

It is his cock I feel and taste. As the 2 of us suck and luck. It’s not her teaching me, but me teaching her. It is sir gagging her and pulling on my clovers to give me pain that makes me suck his cock, deeper fuller, with more need.

It is him telling me I’m his good whore, bending her over. Spreading her wide. Holding her as Sir pushes full and deep into her hole. Kissing me, showing me his pleasure.

Again my mind goes and drip, drip.

I will make Sir happy. To much visual. Needing mor

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