so I just wrote the 2 checks that officially emptied my bank account. I almost vomited while doing it. 

Just 200 dollars left to my name, the third time my ex has done this to me.

If sir was here I would crawl naked begging him for the whip, crying tears for his cock.

Instead I’m doing laundry!!!!

The jerk will pick me up and take me on errands and to the post office so I can send it certified so it doesn’t get lost like next year. The only comfort in that is I will be getting food so Sir doesn’t starve on his visit this week.

All last night I had dream after dream of Sir using me. Oddly no dreams of the play that will happen tonight. 

The dream I woke to was Sir telling me I was his good whore. Hands cuffed, ass up. It was in a creepy club we had been to, in a public area. My cunt was being fucked hard by a nameless man. I was so wet and turned on looking in Sirs eyes as I was on the edge of begging. No one in the world existed but the two of us. I screamed and begged Sir, he shoved his cock hard into my slave mouth and said to cum, fucking my face hard, gagging me, my whore slave cunt squirting all over the faceless cock. 

My sheets are now in the laundry and my cunt still pulses at the thought of such a dream. 

Just a few months ago the thought of being called a whore repulsed me. Now it’s what I long to hear most. I need it, his approval, his pain, his cum in my mouth, his arms around me, telling me I am a good girl along with the look of pride on his face that he has such a good slave to share.

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