2 Good Little Sluts

Sitting on the couch talking and touching and being overly sexual in our behavior. A Dom in the middle. We are slightly dressed. His anger grows. We are to be punished for being slutty girls. Belted together tit to tit, My clovers on. Kissing harder touching more, being even more slutty, begging to be punished. Flogged and moaning. Then I go foggy.

There were multiple spankings and cord lashes. Her mouth on my cunt and her Dom fucking her doggy style. Calling Sir begging to explode, My O’s loud and full. Me licking her, us sucking his cock. He fucks us both. lots of laughs and cuddles. He feeds us tangerines, cold and sweet.

So much happened last night. The two stand out moments, aside from her mouth on my cunt were my last call to Sir and the punishment mat.

My last call to Sir was after the mat. I was in full subspace my eyes rolled back no words, just my hand grabbing for the phone. I think she was licking me but I really don’t know, the pain from the mat had already put me on such an edge that the least sexual/sensual thing would have forced me over the edge. I tried to make the phone work, then my vision cleared for a moment and it said conf. call……OMG….I in a panic trying to disconnect. Who knows who I called that heard last nights events. Then Sir on the phone, He says to hold on and like his good slave I do. My cunt still pulses sorely today. A long hot Epsom salt and oils bath to relieve my ass and other parts.

The mat, another wonderful home depot sex toys, Hard plastic , I get placed sitting on it, my tits being sucked and bit. She lifts my feet off the floor so my sore red welted ass is holding my full body weight. That’s it, the pain slut in me takes over and I am gone begging for more! They rolled it and she holds my cunt lips and cheeks open so that I can feel the full pain on all parts of me slit. It was heaven….I begged for more and would have stayed on it all night. They lift me off and make me drink water, then all of the sore and tormented spots are kissed and licked.

My first role play and their first experience with a pain slut, everyone had fun.

It was a great night! Thank you Sir.

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