12 hours

I know know that with each visit I fall more into Sirs slave. I am my most needy the 24 hours that lead to each visit.

I go from needing pain to needing that sweet edge to needing explosive orgasms to just needing our sweet time if cuddles and good conversation. My needs are a roller coaster.

Sir was the same way yesterday. I also notice with each visits his needs and swings increase. It’s good not to be alone in my needs.

Yesterday was my busiest work day yet, then yoga….I was home, hurting and all brain. Preparing and planning for tonight. Sir says to go to my chair (opposite his) and to talk to him as I look at his, he will be sitting in tonight. We continued a vanilla-ish talk about our days. Then Sirs mood changes, he says to kneel at his chair and play with my clit. In less than one minute the business, vanilla, hurting from yoga me is gone. All that remains is Sirs slave wanting nothing but to take is pain and service his cock.

When we hung up and I started coming back I didn’t think I thanked him, so I called him back. Just wanting to thank Sir for my wet cunt. He was very happy and it turned out I did thank him in my mumbles. He said I made him Rock hard and he adores my ability to go from smart girl me to slave so quick.

It hurt to hang up with him, but if I want to see him tonight I needed to let him work. I went about my business doing the little things I could to prepare for his visit. Getting out the special things that are only used on his visits. Lol, it’s like my version of getting out the good china and polishing the silverware for the holidays. This is a tradition I was raised with and its a good warm feeling.

I think my wetness and slave grow more with each visit because…… My trust in Sir does. My brain me knowing that I’ve shared me, all of me with Sir allowing him to know who I am and judge what I really need. Right now I really need a hug, to sit in his lap and have my hair petted. I need that reassurance that I am his and I guess that he is mine.

Tonight sir told me what he wants when he walks in and who the house will be set. His slave presented for him, face down ass up on the coffee table, toys ready so he can find is joy in tormenting me, no cums, just very sweet denial. I will fuck sirs cock with my slave hole, suck it with my slave hole mouth and have his cum all over my face, then I will be allowed to clean his cock with my mouth and taste his sweet cum, drifting in bliss the whole time. I will serve him good food while his cum dries on my face. I will feel owed, completed. I will curl around sirs leg under the table as I drift. He will tell me I’m a good girl. I will know that I am as I will see the joy on his face. 

See now I’m back to a dripping wet mess!!! Poor Sir is going to have to put up with my dipping cunt rubbing his leg all night long! I can’t wait to see my Sir again!!

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